Virtual Hugs?

I think I have heard it all now.  A jacket that inflates whenever someone clicks like on your Facebook page.  A virtual hug from a virtual friend?  Okay, so somebody clicks “like” on your page, the jacket blows ups like a balloon and you get “hugged”.  So, what is next?  Well, the obvious thing to do is hug back.  You wrap your arms around yourself and you squeeze the air out of the inflated balloons.  Congratulations, you have just completed your very own virtual hug.

Do you think there will be many folks out there buying this?  Have we gotten to the point that a real hug just does not happen anymore?   I personally prefer a human hug from a human being.  Anything from a “Big Bear Hug” from a big burly guy, to the simple tiny hugs from that tiny little child you love so very much.  Are we becoming a virtual society?  That to me is scary.  Do we count among our close friends the thousand or so Facebook friends?  What happens if we get sick?  Do we get sent a bowl of virtual chicken soup?  How healing can that be, although I must say it will not add calories to your diet.  Think about all the virtual things that are going to be possible in our near future now that we can get virtual hugs.

I still say, there is no replacement for the real thing.  Tell me what you think?  I am new at this but I sure would like to hear from you.

Have a real blessed weekend, and I hope to hear from some of my virtual friends out there.  God Bless each and everyone.


Merry Christmas

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I can’t believe that Christmas is only 9 days away.  Wow!  The house is decorated with beautiful lights, inside and out.  There is a beautiful white Christmas tree in our breakfast room.  My daughter has exceptional decorating tastes.  There is a ceramic village all laid out on white batting that looks like snow, adorning the piano.  A smaller soft pink tree stands atop a tri-level corner shelf, decorated in beautiful green, silver, and crystal clear ornaments.  Three Santa figures sing Christmas Carols, and children slide down a white ramp that is supposed to be a ski slope.  My daughter has really gone all out, and it is looking gorgeous.  She is quite frugal and plans shopping sprees after Christmas is over.  She finds all types of bargains in decorations of all kinds.  She comes back with trees, ornaments, lights, figurines, garland, and who knows what else.  Most items she gets are anywhere from 50% to as much as 80% off because stores just want to get rid of the stock and reduce their inventory due to end of year accounting.

I wasn’t certain that moving in with my daughter and her family would work since I have been on my own now for nearly 13 years, but it is wonderful and I am so blessed.  Whenever I see the rooms all aglow with twinkling colored lights, a roaring fire in the fireplace,I feel like I have been bathed in the warmth and beauty of God’s love.  It makes me stop and realize that I have never been completely alone, because God is always with me.  He guides me, and gives me whatever I need to handle whatever I am faced with.

I know there is quite a bit of commercialism that surrounds the Christmas season, and many people do not have any idea what the real meaning of Christmas is all about.  So, remember to stop this year, and praise God for your blessings and for giving up His Son, to save us from our sins.  The tiny baby that laid in the manger, was sent to us, to change us, forgive us, and love us.  MERRY CHRISTMAS AND GOD BLESS US EACH AND EVERYONE.

Time Flies The Older I Get!

It is truly unbelievable that the holidays are already on us, and another year will soon be gone.  I remember the days when I was much younger, that every upcoming event would seem to take FOREVER!  Do you remember the anticipation of Santa Clause coming?  Trying hard to be just as good as possible, since the great man was watching.  Suddenly, you didn’t fight with your siblings as much, just in case you might be seen.  Well, it is different now.  With age comes the rapid passing of time, when you turn around and the summer is over, then the holidays are right around the corner.  Somehow, each year seems to go faster and faster.  My grandchildren were just toddlers yesterday, and now several have graduated and one is planning her wedding.  Oh, these have been such blessed times, watching my children grow and then being there to watch my grandchildren as they grow.  God has truly given me the greatest gift there is, family.

My daughter just came in from shopping for her children for Christmas; naturally, including her nieces and nephews.  She had to have help bringing in the huge bags of assorted items for different ones.  The glow from the Christmas tree reflected in her happy countenance, and sparkling blue eyes. The holidays are very special to our family, and it seems each year we decorate just a bit more, start shopping a bit earlier, and buying the holiday food stuff just a tad bit sooner.  Meals are being planned with who is cooking what, and who will be bringing this or that.  My son always cooks the turkey and my baby girl always bakes the ham, and both have these down to a fine art.

My son’s birthday is today, Nov. 17, and my daughter’s birthday is Dec. 6 and, as usual, I gave each of them the same thing.  She got to open hers today, because he will be getting his today and both of them will be using it for preparing Thanksgiving dinner.  I think I got it right this year, because she said she wanted one and was going to try to find one herself.  It makes me feel so good to give something to someone who makes them happy.

I have to say thank you GOD for the many blessings, which are truly too many to count.  Until next time…HAPPY THANKSGIVING and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Pray for Lisa

Posted On March 30, 2011

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I haven’t heard any updates today yet.  I pray she is doing well.  Please keep praying for little 5 yr. old Lisa Trotter.  She is in GOD’s hands, and we love her dearly.