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I guess having the flu on a holiday is probably the worst thing in the world.  You can’t go around family or friends, because they might catch whatever you have.  So, here I am with my two dogs, Salty& Rowdy, and I am just listening to them snore.  Then I have my two cats, Mimi & Nikki, and they are asleep too.  The only noise is the clicking of the keys on my computer keyboard and the low sounds coming from the movie on TV, (Wild Hogs).   That was a funny movie the first time I saw it, but I can’t really get into a movie more than once.I cannot believe this year will be gone in another three hours.  I guess the older you get, the faster time goes, maybe I should invest in those rubber stopper things to put on the toe of my “rocking” Sketchers®.  If you are from the “Roller Skating Rink” crowd, you will remember the big round white marshmallow looking thing on the toe of your shoe-skates.  Those were stoppers to help you slow down when you got to going too fast, or to stand on, (like a ballerina) when you were just standing still.  If I had those on my shoes, maybe I could drag my toes and slow time down.Those were some fun times, those roller skating rink days.  I got new white  shoe-skates for Christmas and I had two, big purple pom-poms tied around the top of  each one.  I had dreamed of those skates and could hardly wait for Christmas morning.  Christmas morning my little brother came in all excited and whispering for me to hurry up, Santa came!  I woke up my sister, since my brother was way too excited, and I have to admit I was just as excited.  We were a funny looking trio, I am sure.  Here we are, tip-toeing down the hall, me in the lead, followed by my sister and brother, and they were hanging on to me like they were going to be grabbed up and taken off. My baby brother was holding on to my leg so tight I could hardly walk.  When we reached the living room, I spotted my skates, but wait…there was something laying behind them.  Oh how I wanted to just go and tear into everything, but nope, wasn’t gonna’ happen.  Mama and Daddy had to be up before we went in to see what Santa had brought.About thirty seconds later, three children were in Mama and Daddy’s room, screaming at the top of our lungs…GET UP! SANTA CAME!  HURRY UP!  NOW!  PLEASE HURRY UP!  They moaned and groaned and before they knew what happened, we were on the bed jumping and pulling and yelling.  Excitement filled the air, while two very sleep deprived adults dutifully trekked down the hall, hair all a mess, Brownie camera in hand, leading the three of us to the living room.  Plastering grins on their faces, they turned around and said “Oh, look what Santa brought!”  I can still here the click-clicking of the little Square Brownie camera as Daddy took picture after picture.You know, I think that was the last year my parents enforced the “We have to go in first” rule.  Never really thought much about it.  I headed straight for my skates, I was deliriously happy.  Then I spotted the beautiful outfit right behind my skates.  I just stared at it for a moment, and then I turned and looked at Mama.  She was watching me, waiting expectantly for my reaction.  I couldn’t believe I had the only other thing I had wanted as much as my shoe-skates, a baton twirler’s outfit.  I gently picked up the soft satiny outfit.  It was the most beautiful outfit I had ever seen.  Let me see if I can describe it, but nothing I say could ever really give it justice.                           You will know why in a moment…The fabric was an iridescent, shimmery, pearl white, lined with the same soft shimmery, pearl gold.  The skirt was short and hung in gentle folds.  The top had a mandarin style collar, with gold lamé trim.  A thicker gold lamé braid was on the front of the bodice in a ladder fashion.  The long sleeves were gathered at both shoulders and became fitted down to the wrist.  I could not speak, but only turned and looked once again at my Mama.  She saw the tears in my eyes from gratitude and I saw the tears in her eyes from my happiness.  I ran to her and just hugged her neck.  How many hours had she toiled on that outfit after we kids had gone to bed?  The most perfect outfit in the whole world had been made just for me with more love going into every stitch that anyone could imagine.Until you have been there, you cannot possibly know how it feels to spend night after night, hour after hour, making something so special for your child, and loving every moment.  Then when the time comes to reveal your outfit of love, the waiting for your child’s reaction is palpable.  I know that to be a fact, because on two separate occasions I have made outfits for my daughters and the expectancy and [almost] fear is awful, but their happiness wipes it all away.  I found that to be true whenever I have handmade anything, for one of my children, grandchildren, sister, brother, friend, or someone I do not know.  If you care enough to make it by hand, it doesn’t matter what it is, it matters only that you cared enough to make it in the first place.  That is what gives me true happiness.  I like seeing the light in a person’s eyes when I hand them the item I have made for them.

It is very true:  You can find real happiness in the giving to others, and if it is something you made special just for that person, then watching their reaction is what will give you pleasure.  It doesn’t matter what it is, a special cookie, pancakes in the shape of the first letter of a child’s name, or something that took a long time to make, a knitted prayer shawl, a blanket or anything handmade.  If you make it with love, the recipient will treasure it forever.


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One Response to “Nanna’s Corner”

  1. Dad

    High Sweetheart, The above took me back a larg number of years , mostly through very pleasant memories . You will have to teach me how to ceate and set up a Blog and
    a few other new “break through’s”. Love you, have a great balance of a day.

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