House Sitting

Posted On October 3, 2012

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It is strange sitting in my Dad’s house.  I have been staying here since April 2012.  My sisters and brother thought it would solve so many problems if I just stayed here until the house was sold.  It has given me the chance to spend more time on my studies, but sometimes the quiet is overwhelming.  I am enjoying the first cool breezes of Autumn.  I love the crisp cool mornings, sitting on the deck with a steaming cup of hot coffee.  I just enjoy viewing God‘s handiwork.  It is awesome.  Hopefully, I will be able to get back to my blogging on a more regular basis.

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Wills and Estates are not for the deceased, but the family left behind.

Posted On April 19, 2012

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Wills and Estates are not for the deceased, but the family left behind.  Trust me when I say this, because it is so very true.  Adopt the motto:  “When in doubt, write it out, and be specific!”

It never occurred to me what would happen if I lost my parents.  Now I realize how devastating the loss can truly be.  First I have had to deal with the physical loss of my mother, then of my father.  Mom went home in March 2008 and Dad joined her in September 2011.  They had each done their will in 1969, but it was a very basic page and one half and did not designate anything we need today.  My Dad verbally told us our brother was to be his executor, but he never put this in writing.  My two sisters and I decided to honor Dad’s wishes and support our brother however we could.  We just never expected to be completely barred from gaining the closure we needed.  Now, almost eight months later, we are back at square one.  There are so many items that must be addressed, it is mind-boggling.

My whole point in this post is to tell you this…Make yourself a Will and be specific about even the smallest minor item.  You may feel your car, truck, stereo, TV, or even your “bottle-cap collection” are only worth something to you, WRONG.  Someone in your family wants one of the items for certain.  If two people want the same thing, there could be an argument over the item.  You never know how some people can act when an estate (no matter how small) is involved.  It does not take a great deal of time to think about those you will leave behind, but those that are left could spend more time than you think just trying to sort through the tangled mess that is your life.  I say tangled mess because when you try to understand another person’s life, it sometimes makes no sense why this or that.

Another item that is vitally important is life insurance.  It does not have to be millions of dollars, but at least have enough for your final expenses.  So far we have spent several thousand dollars with more to be spent, just trying to get our Dad’s estate settled.

I just spent a couple of hours on the phone trying to get information that is needed and found out we also have to have money to probate the will and to publicize the estate.  It seems every way we turn, we spend out more that we have any hope of bringing in.

So, take this as fair warning, the longer you put off making out a Will, the harder it will be on your family, should something happen to you.

Winter Break

It is that time of the school year, when students get to stay at home and enjoy family, friends, doing nothing, playing video games, or whatever we want to do.  There is no class until after New Year‘s Day.  This goes for me too, and I am enjoying it.

Our house is still trying to recuperate from Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.  I am finding bits of wrapping paper and ribbon everywhere.  This was the first Christmas since my children were little, that I was able to watch the excitement and joy on a child’s face as they opened their presents.  Since my children married and moved out, we always went to their house to “see what Santa brought”.  By the time we got to each one’s house, everything was opened and scattered all over the living room.  So we missed the expressions as they opened their gifts and were surprised.   I was able to watch Jacob’s face as he opened first this gift and then that one.  He was so excited, he had no more than finished one before he had started on another.

Those looks were worth a million bucks, but seeing his expression as he read an email direct to him from Santa, is indescribable.  In the email, Santa, called him by name, pointed out different items regarding Jacob’s family and school, and finally put his name in the “Naughty or Nice” machine.   It was adorable to see Jacob’s face as he anxiously waited to see if the machine labeled him naughty or nice.  When the green light signified Jacob was nice, Jacob yelled and whooped and hollered.  Then suddenly stopped, turned to us and said, “I knew it all the time”.

I am so glad I was able to be a part of his Christmas.  I hope each and every one of you had as great a time as I this Christmas.

Please remember our military personnel who are fighting for our freedoms, and who are not at home with their families this year; please say an extra prayer that they can come home soon.


Time Flies The Older I Get!

It is truly unbelievable that the holidays are already on us, and another year will soon be gone.  I remember the days when I was much younger, that every upcoming event would seem to take FOREVER!  Do you remember the anticipation of Santa Clause coming?  Trying hard to be just as good as possible, since the great man was watching.  Suddenly, you didn’t fight with your siblings as much, just in case you might be seen.  Well, it is different now.  With age comes the rapid passing of time, when you turn around and the summer is over, then the holidays are right around the corner.  Somehow, each year seems to go faster and faster.  My grandchildren were just toddlers yesterday, and now several have graduated and one is planning her wedding.  Oh, these have been such blessed times, watching my children grow and then being there to watch my grandchildren as they grow.  God has truly given me the greatest gift there is, family.

My daughter just came in from shopping for her children for Christmas; naturally, including her nieces and nephews.  She had to have help bringing in the huge bags of assorted items for different ones.  The glow from the Christmas tree reflected in her happy countenance, and sparkling blue eyes. The holidays are very special to our family, and it seems each year we decorate just a bit more, start shopping a bit earlier, and buying the holiday food stuff just a tad bit sooner.  Meals are being planned with who is cooking what, and who will be bringing this or that.  My son always cooks the turkey and my baby girl always bakes the ham, and both have these down to a fine art.

My son’s birthday is today, Nov. 17, and my daughter’s birthday is Dec. 6 and, as usual, I gave each of them the same thing.  She got to open hers today, because he will be getting his today and both of them will be using it for preparing Thanksgiving dinner.  I think I got it right this year, because she said she wanted one and was going to try to find one herself.  It makes me feel so good to give something to someone who makes them happy.

I have to say thank you GOD for the many blessings, which are truly too many to count.  Until next time…HAPPY THANKSGIVING and MERRY CHRISTMAS!