About Nanna

My name is Carol Mooney.  I am a full-time student, going for my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.  I waited until my senior years to pursue my education.  As a result of dedicated studying, I am a member of the National Society for Collegiate Scholars, have been on the Dean’s list several times, and I have been nominated and invited to join the International Laureate Scholar Program.

I started writing Christian poetry in 2005 and began writing my first book in 2007.  Everyone that has read it has had only praise for it and want to read the sequel.  Reviewers have been an Assistant Dean, Two published writers, and an assortment of people aged 19 to 70.

I spent many years in property management before retiring.  Afterward,  I went into the corporate world as an Executive Secretary/Administrative Assistant, then as a Commercial Collections Specialist, promoted to Assistant Credit Manager, then on to Sales Executive.

I have 9 grandchildren who are the loves of my life.  Fortunately I get to see them quite often as they all live close by.  I enjoy all types of needlecrafts, country music, playing the piano, and baking.   I love to read and my studies demand a great deal of attention as I am trying to maintain a 4.0 GPA.  So far so good.

Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog.  Please leave me a comment and let me know how to find your blog.  Have a wonderful day and may you be blessed in whatever need you may have.


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