QT Syndrome Claims a Child * Prayers are needed!

Posted On April 17, 2012

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Today was a day for some very sad news.  A little girl named Madison is now with God in Heaven.  She collapsed just like Lisa did, and never woke up.  So many prayers went out for her, but now the prayers are needed desperately for her parents.  I cannot fathom the pain they are feeling, from the loss of this precious baby girl.  QT Syndrome is probably the worse killer I have ever encountered.  It hits so suddenly, without any symptoms or warnings, and the word needs to be gotten out there.  There are no tests developed as yet, that can predict QT, and current CPR methods are not correct for survival.  The old way CPR was administered is what has to happen.  When CPR is given, the child will act like they are trying to get their breath.  THEY ARE NOT!  It is involuntary responses and is not a sign to STOP CPR!

Please pray for her family to help them through this awfully sad time.  Pray for God to give them the strength they need to get through the next few days, then weeks, then months.  My heart is breaking for them, and I send all the love there is to them.


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