Downsizing is No Fun!

Have you noticed how many vacant homes are in your neighborhood?  I have, and it makes me wonder…where did the families go?  I can tell you that; they moved in with other family members.  At least everyone I know, that has lost their home to their lender, has moved in with a relative.  That is what I did February 15, 2011.  The bank decided my modular home was not anything they wanted to continue financing, so they took it from me.  It really ticked me off, too.  I had lived there five years and had never been late or missed any payments at any time.  I thought I would never recover from the devastating situation I found myself in.  I envisioned living out of my car, bathing at some corner gas station with the nasty restroom, or worse yet moving in with either my son or one of my daughters.  ARGHHHHHH!!  I thought the world had slammed shut on my shoulders.

But, guess what?  I have lived with my youngest daughter since Feb. 15 and I love it.  I keep complaining about the room service but hopefully it will get better.  Maid service isn’t the best, but it will do.  I am not allowed in the kitchen to cook anything.  How can I mess up putting water in a pot?  If she is cooking something and I go to look in the pan or pot, she appears out of nowhere saying, “Mother! What are you doing?  Don’t mess with that!”  I just look at her and say, “I was just looking to see what it was, ‘cause it smells so wonderful.  I am not messing with it at all”.  Well, needless to say I just go sit at the table and place an order with her.  I don’t even look in the pots any more.  I have to admit I am getting used to having breakfast brought to me in bed.

I was thinking today about how things were a couple of centuries ago.  Grandparents would live with one of their children and it was an accepted thing.  Siblings married and lived together and that was a socially acceptable way of life.  When you stop and think about it, life can only be less demanding financially if one house contains two families.  If there is enough room, then it can hold more family members.  After my husband went home to be with our Lord, I lived alone.  Keeping house and doing my own thing for 11 years, I was wondering how I would adjust to my new living situation.  Since my daughter has two teenagers and an eight year old, I knew there would be more noise than I was accustomed to.  Living alone makes for a very quiet home.  I was right and it was an adjustment, but so is living in one room with two big dogs.

If you or a loved one is going through the same thing, embrace the time you have together.  God is doing a work on our nation, and as long as we remain united we will all come out winners.  I love being with my grandchildren; I have a wonderful relationship with them and I will treasure that always.  I am attending Argosy Online University, studying for my Bachelor of Psychology degree.  With God’s blessing I plan on entering Law School right after graduation.  I will be working toward getting my law degree and majoring in real estate law, with a minor in mortgage lending.  I want to be able to help anyone facing foreclosure or eviction.  Since I found out the majority of lawyers need a “fee” up front to even talk to you; I decided to do what I could to help others.

I hope if you are reading this, you will leave me a comment and let me know how you feel about the housing situation; has it impacted your family?  Are you now part of America’s growing unified/united family I call the Uni-family?   If you are, then consider yourself very blessed to have the time you have with your family members.  We never know when one or more won’t be here tomorrow.   If you have family members facing the loss of their home, welcome them to yours (if you can), it won’t be forever, but it will be a blessing I am sure.

God bless you and yours.  Carol


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